Friday, February 13, 2009

Weigh in...5 weeks

Well...Friday the 13th has to say it all!!!!

Actually I was surprised...between feeling like I was hit by a bus and not being able to stand up too fast or I would end up on my butt. It wasn't too bad of a weigh in.

Weight - down .09 lbs

Works for me...since I really didn't work out at all this week. Still a little light headed once in a while but usually only when I bend I just won't do

So I will stick to plan as best I can this weekend, which will be virtually impossible on Sunday because it is PPV wrestling. A few drinks a big salad and the best wings ever(except they have a little breading...I won't eat too many:)

The open house last night with Darian was good...she loved the school...only problem with that is I really want her in the 2nd junior high were going to next week...or the week after. She is very shy and really doesn't show much confidence in herself outside the home. Which actually baffles me, because at home she is a different kid. Anyway the second school is an all girls school which has classes specifically for girls. Teaching them leadership skills, and confidence building skills. I really think she needs that. I guess we'll see because I don't want to make her go to a school that she really doesn't want to be at either.

So tomorrow is valentines day...I did find a recipe for some mini cheesecakes. Will make those for dessert tomorrow. Still need to pick up the kids books for their valentines gifts. We cut out the candy 2 years ago. It got out of control with stuff from us, both Grandma's and their Aunt. So we put our foot down with everyone. They usually only get something small now, so it works out better for everyone.

I have to tell bayoubabe that my life is more then active most days it's why do I need to workout? LOL

I have to add that Dentist's are worse then Doctor's, Harry!!!Uhhhgggggg

All for now
Make it a good one:)


  1. I'll tell you WHY you need a workout :) So in four months you can loose 30 pounds like I just did :) hahah

    Down South, we say insanity is a GOOD THANG :)


  2. I'm with you on the dentist issue, Janice!

    Congrats on the weight loss. A pound a week is pretty good, I think. Adding some exercise (which I need to do also) will only help.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)