Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 5 - TurboFire/Chalean Hybrid

Core 20 - Stretch 10 I suck at the biog thing. I always mean to write but I just never do. Maybe because it's easier and more fun to read everyone else's.

Anyway...down 1.6 this week. Finally!!!!
I tend to do myself in on weekends. Weight is always up on Monday and then I spend the week working that off just to weigh in on Friday at the same I was last Friday. So frustrating!!!!!

So last weekend I was a really good girl and I finally dropped below the 155 mark. Feels like I've been there for quite a while. Of course now it's Easter weekend. I will try hard but no promises....

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 33...

I really didn't think it was this long that I haven't posted. Life just gets the better of you sometimes. I know somedays it's just that I really have nothing to say...except #$%&@#!!!

Anyway...only lost .4 in the past few weeks. Mind you I'm pretty sure last or was it the week before? It was a gain by almost 4 pounds. That's what happens when it's just so easy to reach for a piece of pizza or have a little more Chinese food. Grab something on the way to 1 of 100 places we need to get to.

I have decided to switch over to the Chalean/TurboFire hybrid schedule starting on Monday. I think adding a more weights into my program will boost everything. I also have to start eating more. Most days I barely make my protein counts and that's what I need to boost. I blaming myself. I ran out of my protein bars and I haven't had time to make any so I need to get in that. There 23 grams of protein per bar and they always put my protein into range.

I guess that's my catch up for the last bit. Not looking forward to soccer season. It's always tough on everyone...5 games a week plus 4 practices. there's never anytime for anything. Will have to make sure I have my bars for that.

You all have a great day...and hopefully I'll check in tomorrow or soon anyway:)