Friday, January 30, 2009

week 4

Well this weeks weigh in sucked...

Gain of .4

I know it isn't much but right now a gain is a gain. I get to that point where I don't know what else to do...I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and see what next week brings.

Keep wondering if has anything to do with Chalean...lifting weights? I guess we'll see. Don't want to stop now, I really love the program. Except today...wasn't going to take today as a rest day but think I should...feel tired and worn out and SORE...a good sore though.

Will need to try and find some time tomorrow to get in my workout instead of today...that will be a workout in

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally started ChaLean!!

So I finally started ChaLean...really enjoyed it. Need to go and buy some heavier weights though. She has these dial a cool. Will have to google them when I'm done here.

Diet is going well, but I'm still having problems with the hunger thing. It's really hard to eat anything when you just not hungry. Some days it seems like food just repulses me. I have found myself having 2 protein shakes in a day instead of solid food. Will work really hard on eating a normal lunch. That is my biggest problem though. Added a couple strawberries back in, will see how that effects anything, but I'm sure it will be fine.

So I'm supposed to take my daughter, who's 11, and a couple of her friends to see 'The Unborn' on Saturday. I asked the parents to call me if it was alright. It is a horror and rated PG13. I don't have a problem with mine seeing it. She has always been like me that way, doesn't scare easy or have nightmares, but I don't know about the other two. I'm scared they are lying to their parents and saying were going to some other movie. Hence the phone I guess we'll see.

That's all for now...Make it a good one:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Falling behind

I feel like I'm always trying to play catch up. There just isn't enough time in a day. I still need to make up our menu for the next 2 weeks and get the grocery list ready to go shopping tomorrow night. What are the chances I actually get all that hubby doesn't look very happy because I'm on the computer still...but I have so much I need to do still.

Anyway, weigh in was on Friday

Down 1.6 lbs

Wanted more but considering the 1 lbs gain I am not going to complain. So I'm off again...need to try and finish the menu. Tuesday...uuuhhhggggg...I hate Tuesday's!!!

Make it a good one:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 3

Well yesterday went as expected...rush, rush, rush. On top of all we decided to go to Costco. Needed to pick up lettuce...just can't stay in lettuce. The hamburger stroganoff I made for supper was good, but I really need to get some thickener stuff. We used to have a low carb store on the south side but it has closed down. So Internet shopping I must do. I just want to wait till we can buy $60-$100 worth of product. The shipping rates to Canada are so much cheaper if you do.

Tonight's an Italian casserole. should be good...I haven't tried it before. Then off to the movie with my Darian. She wants to see Twilight sooooo bad. I don't know if she realizes that it's a love story. I made her wait until I finished the book. I did enjoy it but she's only 11. I guess we'll see.

Tomorrow's another bit of rushing but not as bad as Tuesday's. Donovan's appointment with his Psychiatrist. He was diagnosed with Aspergers last year. It will just depend how long were there. Have to discuss upping his meds. We did that on our own about a month ago. She's always given us discretion's with his meds. Trying to tweak it so those ups and downs even out a little. Everything has been really good for the last month. Always a bonus not having to deal with his meltdowns.

Still having trouble eating during the day...have been resorting to protein shakes for breakfast.

All for now...make it a good one.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Love/ hate relationship...

This is definitely a love/ hate relationship. Easily followed but am really craving a PIZZA. I found a LC crust recipe on Linda's site...
It sounds really good...will try it on Friday:)

So I never have much time to work out on Mondays...maybe 30 minutes, so I decided to do some Wii Fit. Well I was a tad upset when my weigh in(not counting it since my official weigh in is on Friday) said I gained 1 lbs. I know it's nothing but when your 2 weeks in and sticking with induction till a little more weight comes's a disappointment to say the least. Life goes on and so does Monday...

Dilyn had preschool, always interesting. It seemed like all the kids were possessed or was crazy. Was supposed to take my oldest to see "Twilight" but I didn't check the times until it was to late. She was a little ticked at me but there really wasn't anything I could do except tell her to pick another night...

Anyway...tomorrows a slow day till I pick the kids up...then Donovan's off to social club...home for a quick supper then drop the kids at Cubs and Guides...I think that's it.

Make it a good one:)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food Problems

Well...getting back into eating low carb wasn't really hard for supper. It seems to be breakfast I'm having problems with. I like to workout about an hour after I get up, but in that hour I'm trying to get 3 kids and my hubby out the door,all the while keeping my fingers crossed that Dilyn doesn't wake up so maybe I could Wii fit today, so I don't think to eat within that hour of waking up. Then I want to work out and end up not having breakfast for a few hours after I wake. Really need to start putting down a cheese string or hard, the breakfast thing.

Lunch is another one...I have an egg with a couple slices of bacon a few days a week but I get sick of what do you eat?I like the wraps in a piece of lettuce with cheese and some mayo, but it's rare when there's lunch meat. my kids devour it. I have been having an Atkins bar a couple times a week...will keep working on that one too.

Hubby will be home from his trip to Saskatchewan around 5:00pm so that will be good. Think I'll do a meatloaf and baked mashed family devours it but I refuse to make two heads of cauliflower...that would start throwing my grocery bill way off budget.

I think that is one part of this diet I don't like...we have had to add about $50 to the grocery budget to accommodate for the extra meat and veggies. I guess it's not too bad but when your trying to save for your down payment on a house it's a lot.

That's all for now...great day to all:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Week 2

So I did my weigh in this morning...I always tend to do the eyes closed tight thing, then a peek. If I like the peek I'll look, if not I get off fast and wait another day.

Started with 48 lbs to lose to get to my goal weight
Week 1 - down 6.4 lbs
Week 2 - down 2.8 lbs

I was actually hoping for more. The first time I went low carb I took off 13 lbs in week 1 and 8 in week 2, but I have been told(a few times) that the weight comes off slower the second time around. I guess because I lost 6 in week1 I was expecting 6 in week 2...but I'm not complaining. Just shy of 10 lbs in two weeks is great.

I feel hubby keeps saying that as well. He took off 4 lbs in week1 and 2. He's ecstatic...

So how do people make me time?...I have problems doing it. Maybe it's because there is always so much I want to accomplish that I don't get anything done...I've been trying to prioritize but that's hard for me as well since I want to do all of it equally as much. Will have to think about that one for a while more...see what happens next week:)

That's it for now. Hubby's away on business till Saturday night, so suppers have been much easier:)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The beginning

Where does a person start when they have so much they would like to talk about but can't think of one thing to say. Well that's me...

I started on my low carb eating again on Jan 5/2009. This time I've dragged my hubby with me. He wasn't kicking and screaming and now he's liking it...mind you he isn't the one who has to figure out what to cook and then cook it. It's a little harder in this house because I have 4 children that need carbs, so you always have to cook that one thing you want but can't have. It really hasn't been too bad, I've worked them into our way of eating a little more then I had planned but no one is complaining. We'll see what happens as time goes by.

This is it for the beginning...well take it one day at a pound at a time.

Started with 43 pounds to lose. Lost 6.4 in week !.