Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The beginning

Where does a person start when they have so much they would like to talk about but can't think of one thing to say. Well that's me...

I started on my low carb eating again on Jan 5/2009. This time I've dragged my hubby with me. He wasn't kicking and screaming and now he's liking it...mind you he isn't the one who has to figure out what to cook and then cook it. It's a little harder in this house because I have 4 children that need carbs, so you always have to cook that one thing you want but can't have. It really hasn't been too bad, I've worked them into our way of eating a little more then I had planned but no one is complaining. We'll see what happens as time goes by.

This is it for the beginning...well take it one day at a pound at a time.

Started with 43 pounds to lose. Lost 6.4 in week !.

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