Saturday, January 17, 2009

Food Problems

Well...getting back into eating low carb wasn't really hard for supper. It seems to be breakfast I'm having problems with. I like to workout about an hour after I get up, but in that hour I'm trying to get 3 kids and my hubby out the door,all the while keeping my fingers crossed that Dilyn doesn't wake up so maybe I could Wii fit today, so I don't think to eat within that hour of waking up. Then I want to work out and end up not having breakfast for a few hours after I wake. Really need to start putting down a cheese string or hard, the breakfast thing.

Lunch is another one...I have an egg with a couple slices of bacon a few days a week but I get sick of what do you eat?I like the wraps in a piece of lettuce with cheese and some mayo, but it's rare when there's lunch meat. my kids devour it. I have been having an Atkins bar a couple times a week...will keep working on that one too.

Hubby will be home from his trip to Saskatchewan around 5:00pm so that will be good. Think I'll do a meatloaf and baked mashed family devours it but I refuse to make two heads of cauliflower...that would start throwing my grocery bill way off budget.

I think that is one part of this diet I don't like...we have had to add about $50 to the grocery budget to accommodate for the extra meat and veggies. I guess it's not too bad but when your trying to save for your down payment on a house it's a lot.

That's all for now...great day to all:)

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