Monday, August 29, 2011

August Wrap -up!!!!!

I keep losing track of my seems they just keep running together. Friday already...

Day 13 of Insanity done...Pure cardio - 60 minutes...uuuhhhggg - BUT 2 days of REST now emoticon

It was a pretty good week, busy but good...4 dentist appointments, 2 physicals, a new pink cast, and a sleep apnea test all getting a 5 year old to pee in a cup...she couldn't stop laughing so I'm sure you all know how that went emoticon

Weaknesses - tracking my food...I just can't seem to get back into it. Am doing good today though emoticon

Strength - I am going ability to deal with my schedule being thrown into turmoil...I usually don't deal well with that...Proud of myself emoticon

Really liked getting points for spending time with my family...because otherwise I would have just ignored them emoticon like that's even possible!!!

So I did accomplish a couple of my goals...SORT OF..

1. I did an advanced yoga class rather then and advanced spin class...
2. I am organized for back to school...I know what I need to still buy...that's something...

Goals for the rest of September challenge:

1. Track all my food
2. Take an advanced spin class
3. Get my household organizer re-organized for back to school...
4. Redo my whiteboard with all the kids chores...

All in all a great week and here's hoping for an emoticon weigh in on Monday emoticon