Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well, I think it's finally hit me. I need to get back to exercising. I'm going to start with a few days a week. I used to be such a junkie when it came to working out. It was a daily thing for about 2 hrs every morning...2 hours only because it never seemed like I did enough.

The only difference I have 4 kids not 3 and Dilyn has decided that she needs to get up by 8 am or she might miss something. She has also decided to nap by 10am usually. I think I'll work me time in to there and forget about the housework. I'll just do that in between everything else. If it doesn't work I will have to try and think of a plan B. I've never been very good at plan B's though. I tend to just say it won't work and leave it at that. NOT this time...I can do this and I will do this.

Willpower is not my strong suit, never really has been. I guess that's why I'm so amazed that I'm not having too many problems. Really was expecting it to be a lot harder in the it was the first time I did this. I think it really helped that hubby is doing it with me. It was hard last time because he wasn't on it with me...and his favorite snack(almost every night) was Jalapeno Dorito's...yuuuummmmm. So now that there are no dorito's or any other junk in the house, it is so much easier to do the low carb thing...

All for now
Make it a good one:)

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  1. I wish you well on your goal to exercise, Janice. :)

    Historically, I've had a tough time sticking with both diet and exercise programs. But this past attempt at a diet has worked out better then ever before. I'm hoping the same will apply with this attempt at exercising regularly.

    Let's try to think positive and anticipate success!