Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still not great....

Still a little light headed...just might have to cave on the Doc thing. Yes I am one of THOSE know the ones that won't go see a doc until were on our death bed. Well that's me...I'll give it a couple more days. It isn't that bad when I'm up and awake, but when I get tired it gets worse.

Anyway...bayoubabe wanted to know how much I've lost and how much I want to lose...

Have lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks...weigh in for week 5 tomorrow.
Would like to lose 31 more pounds...
Also about ChaLean Extreme for those that don't's a weight lifting program to build muscle...cardio as well and she mangles your abs...if you want to know's at I absolutely love this program.

I was on Atkins back in 2002 till I got pregnant with my youngest in 2005. Then it was the story of using the pregnancy for an excuse to eat and have been gaining ever since...I weighed in at 163 and that made me start it in 2002...well I have bypassed that by quite a bit.

Woke up one morning and my jeans that I had always classified as my fat jeans were too tight. That was my breaking point. The night before I was going to start my hubby looked at me and said count me in. So that made it all the easier to start.

It is true about the weight coming off a lot slower the second time around. As long as it keeps coming off...I won't start complaining...too

Not working out again today...have fell behind in the house work and it's only a half day for school so the kids are home at lunch time. Need to run to Wal-mart, the kids have 2 birthday parties on Saturday. Then a meeting at the Glenrose for Donovan @ 5:30. We have an open house @ St. Nicks at 7:00pm. My other daughter has Brownies, and my son is having a dinner celebration with his Cub's troop...which he's being picked up for. sounds even worse now that I wrote it all down.

So back to the laundry I go...

Make it a good one:)


  1. Wowzers you lead a very active life :) Love the ages of the kid.. thanks for the explanation !

  2. Good day, Janice.

    This is my first visit to your site. It looks like you're doing really well with your program. I wish you continued success!

    I hope you feel better too.

    PS - I'm one of "those people" too. I had to cave and go to the dentist today. :( Now I'm glad I did. :)