Monday, March 23, 2009

24 hr flu

Well it went through all the kids who was I to think it would skip me. I just figured after a week of cleaning up and taking care of 4 sick kids one after another I would get a break. Well my break was Saturday. Hubby and I left the kids with Gramma and went out with some friends. Got home late as usual...3:20am. Well I woke at 5:38am and headed for the bathroom. Well what a horrible day. I felt so sorry for my kids because I didn't realize just how much there little tummies were hurting. It was awful and I just wanted to die...really.

Woke up this morning a little better. Really light headed...explainable, couldn't even keep water down. Tummies still a little queasy, so the thought of food is not very appetizing. Will think about eating later. Put down some water just not over doing it today. Still drinking the same cup of coffee I started at 8 this morning. The day can only get better right.

Oh god and to top everything off, my 3 year old - Dilyn - decided on Saturday while Gramma was NOT watching her...GRRRRRRR. That her bangs were too long. We had this problem a year ago and have kept the scissors up in the cupboard...well someone forgot to put them up. And voila a new choppy do:(

All for now...
Make it a good one...


  1. Hope your feeling better soon.
    My Hubby has it now too. It's really going around.

  2. Try to stay hydrated with healthy liquids like chicken broth or herbal teas.

    I hope tomorrow's a much better day for you. Hang in there. :-)