Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not eating...

So I have been having problems eating...I know it's stress and nerves. We have fallen in love with a house and made a bid on it. That's why I'm not eating, the thought of food upsets my stomach. All I want is a smoke and I quit a year ago...funny the way the body works and your mind thinks when your completely stressed out. We do the offer counter offer thing tomorrow. So hopefully all will go well and then things will calm a bit...but only a bit. We still have the inspection which should go good but we know there are a few things that are iffy...Ahhhhhhhhh...so much roaming around in my tired brain. Haven't been sleeping either...4 a night for the past 2 nights. 6 the night before that. I keep telling myself not to worry so much but I have always been a bit of a worry wart, and when were talking such big money...well it just plain freaks me out...anyway will keep you updated...cross your fingers...:D

Make it a good one:)

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