Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Been a while...

I think I've been avoiding writing, just like I seem to be avoiding a lot of stuff. I can't seem to keep to my diet...it's just the house thing. It's our dream and our dream house. It's something I want so badly for my family and the not knowing is killing me, my hubby too. I can feel my anxiety...panic attacks. It's crazy, I have never felt like this before.

So my eating isn't crazy or anything...I'm just not eating. A little here and there, but I did have some chips yesterday...just a few. I find that I want to eat, I make the food but then I'm not hungry. A few bites and I'm done. I am craving pasta, haven't had that craving if a while. I think I'll just wing it this week and get right back on plan when all this house stuff is over. Till then the thought of eating is repulsive. I know it will be over soon, but till it is....my life is up in the air.

The inspection was done yesterday. there was a crack in the foundation, so the sellers knocked back the price so we could get it fixed. Other then that it's all cosmetic. A bit of work and it's all good...now it's the stupid bank...why are they taking so long to get back to us. We have really never had much good luck with financial issues. Things have been changing though. The past few years have been good.

It's hard to get past though...the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Make it a good one:)


  1. I hope it all works out well with finalizing the house deal, Janice.

    Hang in there. :-)