Monday, May 3, 2010

I love Mondays...

Who knew... Mondays are my quietest day of the week. I have to vacuum and do ONE load of laundry. Yes I said one load of laundry. I have finally gotten the hang of the one load a day thing...except on Wednesday when I need to wash the bedding...I HATE Wednesdays.

I had a pretty good weekend except when the damn dog decided to pee on the bed....Grrrrrrrr

We only had 1 practice Saturday and 1 game Sunday. My poor DD, they don't even have a full team so there was only one sub. It was cold and rained for about 30 minutes. She played the whole game. 90 minutes on defence with the ball in their end for ohhhh 85 minutes of the game. It wasn't pretty I must say....:( She did run her little heart out.

My son was camping at Fort Edmonton Park all weekend with the Scouts so that made everything a little easier...and quieter:)

I ate under calories all meals except one...lasagne....I did have 1.5 pieces at 340+170 = way too much for supper. I might have been alright if I would have skipped

Anyway the rest was good and hopefully that didn't add too much to the nasty scale on Friday...

Oh just so u know...I hate Fridays...:P

Make it a good one:)

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