Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So...I got a few emails yesterday informing me that they can't post comments to my blog? I've tried a few things to fix it and I'm going to hope they worked. I guess we'll find out later today. I think it happened when I changed my template. I just don't know why. So hopefully that is fixed.
Please mail me if you have problems. Might just have to put old template back...:( is May, I have to keep checking. We had beautiful +15 C weather for a month. We had our summer clothes out and flip flops on. Soccer season starts with rain every year except this one. It dumped about 6 inches of snow on us yesterday. It's AWFUL...

I had to go and pull all the winter coats and boots out...and all the sandals and shoes that were on the shoe rack just outside the back door were piled with snow.

My 4 yr old DD Dilyn had pre-school and it was snowing and blowing(winds were hitting 70 km/hr). It was slushy and every time a vehicle would hit a slush spot it would cover the windshield and I'd be scrambling to turn up the wipers. Well by the time I got home I was so stressed.

It is now sitting at -2C. At least the snow has stopped falling. All soccer has been cancelled for the week. Makes this week a little calmer. I just hate that the kids are missing it. They usually don't extend seasons if there are games missed due to rain. I wonder if they would due to snow...LOL

Anyway...eating went well yesterday except for the pretzels. I Always count them out so I only eat the specified serving but Dilyn kept bring me more and I don't think I was keeping very good track of them...I guess we'll see on Friday...

I have to say that I have found so many wonderful blogs out there...I love people who can keep it, eating and weight loss are hard to deal with all at the same keeping it honest can be hard. Kudos to all of you and keep it up...

Make it a good one:)


  1. Ooh...yea...comments are working today.

    I could not imagine snow!!! I live in FL...that would be seriously awful...

    Ick...hope it warms up for you soon.

  2. Well im not surprised your weather is so bad, it was freezing here today too. We had a super mild winter and now we are having a cold spring!
    You did good on your diet, I blew it completely by eating at McDonalds yesterday and then cookies. Today I have done ok, but the night is young. TRying to calm down after my disastrous day and not totally blow it just because I'm upset. I should go add you on facebook!