Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Funny...

Out of all the blogs I follow, which are quite a few. There are a few of us that haven't wrote all week. I was feeling a little guilty but the week just got away from me as usual. So knowing that it happens to best of you, makes me feel

I was down on my Friday weigh put me .2 pounds under where I was a month ago and I was doing the happy dance. Which I have been told I shouldn't do because it reminds everyone of the peepee dance but TOO BAD!!

So I am going to force myself to get on that bike 3 times a week.That's what I did last week and I think maybe it kicked something into gear. My knees weren't too bad after so I think I'm going to try and keep it up. At least until June 1 or so, then we are finally buying an elliptical...YAY.

It has been a slow week but lots of work out side. We had trees to cut down...they were dead when we moved in last year. 3 birch trees and a no name tree in the front...your guess is a good as mine. We went a bought a flowering crabby tree. It's so pretty and now were digging up an area on the front for flowers and stuff.

We also got our new/old tent trailer that we bought from friends and set that up in the back yard. So much better then our tent and I am now looking forward to camping a lot this year.

I guess that's all for now...
Make it a good one:)

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  1. Good job on the loss! :) I like the 3x a week bike plan- you can do it! :)