Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Weekend...

It went so fast, but don't they always. Hubby took Monday off and it's thrown my whole schedule into turmoil.

I fell behind on all my chores,and I never eat properly when he's home. But on the other hand I did get my grocery shopping done. That is a huge bonus...since the snow melted and the fields have dried up so soccer is back in full swing.

I haven't been on the bike since Friday...weekends are hard but I even missed Monday. I always try for Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Two days in a row doesn't work for my knees.
I can't even walk if I do that. So I figure with all the walking I did yesterday...I'm calling it even.

Soccer was good yesterday...we won:) DD Devyn didn't score but did run her butt off. 4 more games, 2 practices, Maggie to the vet and the Daughtry concert on Thursday. So excited about the concert...can't wait:)

So a good weekend and a pretty good Monday...Tuesday has been a little crazy...

One of the kids locked the cat in the closet(by accident she likes to sleep in there), which they know not to do. Anyway...she peed on the bag of shoes that were in there. So know I'm washing the shoes and trying to run out the door to get DD Dilyn to preschool on time...

Got there and went looking for my sweater I lost last week...but it's gone, gone, gone....:(
Guess I'll have to buy a new one...how sad...lol

So have a great day...make it a good one:)

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  1. I always get thrown for a loop when Tom doesn't have to work, too! SO glad I'm not the only one!!!
    Bummer about the sweater being gone & all the cat pee but HOORAY for an otherwise good weekend!