Friday, May 7, 2010

Onward and Upward...

Downward would have been better this week but I gained .6. Not worth crying over...I blame those damn homemade chocolate chip cookies I had to make for the Mother's Day Tea at Dilyn's playschool yesterday. I tried to only eat 2 but the 2 turned into 4...they just kept calling me...evil little things.

On the good's FRIDAY...yay. I usually don't really like Friday's, but today's good. I got all the laundry finished yesterday so today I just need to vacuum and wash the floors. I might just make that my workout for today...believe me I'm sweating by the time I'm done washing almost 1400 sq. ft. of it:)

Tonight we are going to the premier of ' Ironman 2' really looking forward to that. I hate the line ups but were going with friends so they can stand and I can, or go to the book store which is just down the elevator;)

Going to have to work harder next week...there will be no cookies so it should be alright. It's funny because we have a bag of cookies in the cupboard and I won't touch them...I guess that's a good

If I don't check in this weekend I want to wish all the mother's

A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...I hope you all a wonderful day and don't have to do


  1. Good attitude on your slight gain! You can kick that next week!

  2. i decided to just skip weighing myself this week. It cant be good with the stuff I've eaten this week.
    Sounds like you have all wood floors? My dream! I have horrible carpet and am not rich enough to replace it all yet. :-/

  3. My attitude usually isn't so good MaryFran...but with my bad eating this week I thought it was going to be so much worse...LOL

    I was going to skip weighing in too Nancy but hubby lost 4 lbs(#$%^#*!@) so he kept bugging me till I have all hardwood and tile...but we bought it that way so sadly I can't take the credit:( but I do love it:)