Friday, April 30, 2010


I love Friday's...I love Monday's more but Friday is a pretty close second.

Down 4 pounds...can't believe it. Hubby lost 4 as well. Makes for a nice week.

Now it's time to battle the dreaded weekend. I love weekends except evenings when we like to relax and chill and watch a movie. It always ends up in a munch fest.

I did buy some smart snacks...popcorn clusters with cranberries and 100 calorie bags:) Hopefully that will work. I also picked up some flavored water...I've been trying to cut down on my diet Pepsi intake. Only 8 Oz's a day...

Next it's going to be cutting my coffee intake. Even the thought of it gives me the jitters. Pushing that to the back of my head...

I think were actually watching I totally love end of the world movies. Don't ask me why...can't figure it out so I just go with it. My absolute favorite is 'Day After Tomorrow'. I have probably seen it 50 times...maybe more...our secret. ;)

So everyone have a great weekend if I don't check in...see u Monday:)

Make it a good one...


  1. Congratulations on the great weigh-in(s)!
    I've also lost count as to how many times we've seen Day After Tomorrow. Probably slightly less than we've seen Dogma :)

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