Thursday, April 29, 2010

A new day...

Yesterday was horrible...sick all day. I woke this morning feeling alright though, that was until I walked into the kitchen...OMG!!! It was a total disaster. Yesterday was a BAD day to be sick. My oldest DD had a music concert(which I missed), my DS had Scouts. So we had to arrange for someone to pick him up and drop him off...which my hubby accomplished. My Hubby also had a concert to go to which he was late for...but never complained.

So my youngest DD had preschool and the other kids only have half days on Thursday' we all came home ate lunch and cleaned. It didn't take long but I did fit a loooong lecture into the scenario...a well deserved one.

No one even fed the poor dog. She always gets a cup of soft food when we eat supper or she won't eat her hard food. Bizarre dog but she is sweet and smart.

All I can say is thank heaven for my wonderful hubby...or my kids would have been eating leftovers...which they were O.K. with. Just not hubby...but they got supper and everyone got where they needed to be....and now my house is clean again, and I'm holding food down again.

It always ends on a good note. Well 50% of time

Make it a good one :)


  1. Our dog doesnt eat dry so if I am not here, he starves. You'd think they would look at the poor starving dog and just feed him. I dont know what is wrong with hubby and kids that they cant do this without being told.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Too true...there just seems to be those daily chores that they think get done by the little chore fairy...wish I had one of