Thursday, April 22, 2010


So this weekend was my DS Confirmation. I was going to wear my checkered dress...the one I wore when I was pregnant with my now 4 year old DD. Well I went and tried on my dress the day I tried to try on my dress. What a laugh!!! So break down ensued...back to the closet. Searching for my dress pants that I wore at X-mas. Well at least I could do them up, but sitting in church for an hour in them...not going to happen. So had to resort to my black yoga pants, which look like dress pants as long as the top is covered up. Grabbed the biggest shirt I could find but it was a little tight so I left it unbuttoned and put a t-shirt under it. So that had to be the suckiest moment I've had in a long time.

And yet all I crave and want is a bloody bag of chips and yes I have caved a couple times. Some days are just hard to get through without losing it!!!

I'm trying to figure out where all my will power went...I don't even know what to eat anymore. I feel like I'm bouncing between eating plans. Some days I just don't care.

I need to make up a menu but who has the time. This right now is my free time lately. there is always something. I need a break...I really need a break.


  1. Key to our success I think is making our entire family eat what we eat. I did this today, went grocery shopping...bought lots of lovely healthy low carby things...husband could only ask where the cookies and chips were, where was the soda. The kids though, they were easier. I thought if my husband was as easy as my ten year old, I'd be a twig by now!

  2. sorry to hear of your dress and pants drama. I have that every single time I get dressed to go anywhere important. My hubby owns more clothes because I just dont want to buy any till I'm at my goal weight and therefore end up with nothing to wear ever. Ug.

  3. Nancy...
    So true on the not buying anything until I lose some weight. I own clothes in a range of sizes and not fitting my largest...very depressing:(
    I do feed them some of what I'm having but I have 4 and they won't eat enough veggies or salad to fill them up. I have been making them a separate side...potatoes or rice. It just gets a little expensive to feed them that way everyday and I've always been a one dish kind of