Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a couple days....

I have no idea what happened yesterday...I raked up all the dead grass from the front and back lawn...pretty sure that's why my arms are killing me today. emoticon
Came in for lunch...hubby took the kids to the park for a bit so I did my yoga...ouch...then I stuck in my Tai Chi for a cool down was only going to do about 15 minutes but ended up doing it all...
After supper we all went for a power walk...to the park and back...kids were loving all the park time...
Then the kids went to bed and hubby went to work out and I was bored...after all that I went and did my EZ 55 Turbofire...ended up with 205 min of cardio emoticon

To say the least I have no idea how the heck I had the energy but it was an abundance today to bike 21km to Rundle park...spent a couple hours with my daughter's kindergarten class and biked home. I had packed an extra shirt because I didn't know what the bike was going to do to me and it was a good thing I did because I was soaked emoticon...good thing I packed a hat too because oh man you should have seen my hair. emoticon

Racking up those points emoticon now a shower and pick up the kids...grocery shopping tonight emoticon

I hope you all have a wonderful day emoticon

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