Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scouts Family Camp...

Had to put first that it was pouring rain on Friday most of the day...around 10:00 we have something called mug-ups in the cook shack...a late night snack with hot cocoa or juice- Bring your own Mug...hence the name.

We were all in the cook shack talking, laughing, drinking and huddling around the fire stove to stay warm. We all headed out about 10:30 for our campers and low and behold it was JUNE!!!! couldn't believe it and all I wanted was a pic and stupid battery on my phone was really low and it wouldn't let me take one...GRRRRRRRRR

Saturday was better...took a bike through the town and around the side of the lake with all the summer cabins then back...It was spitting the whole time....
It got nicer as the day went on but not enough for canoeing emoticon The waves were unreal on the lake but we did get in archery and a 'Shorty hike' which was 2 hours of bush wack paths. Up steep embankments and hills. We found some caverns we went exploring through and some huge sand dunes we were climbing. My knees were KILLING me but it was emoticon.

Nothing like camping when you don't have to entertain your kids or cook. It was so nice emoticon

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