Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm back...

Well yesterday was interesting all round...first blogger went whack then my bike was acting up and wouldn't gear down from the lvl 14 my hubby rides at. I had to unplug it for an hour...then she was good to go.

We got our new elliptical but I'm not so sure about it. 30 minutes...and I was beat...sweating, my legs were killing me. It was hard!!! and only 87 calories...HOW CAN THAT BE? I didn't even want to look at it today so I went through one of the body combat workouts. I forgot how much I love them...

Eating was going good till those damn licorice nibs jumped into my hand. I ate a handful then called the kids up and told them they could eat the whole bag if they shared and took it out of the house :D

Other then that...I need to work a little harder at eating more during the day...tomorrow I'm going to add in a protein smoothie with my breakfast...try being the operative word!!!

Well I think that's it...oh...Dilyn has decided that she is NOT going to kindergarten...and that's the end of discussion. HER EXACT WORDS...LMAO...too cute :D

Make it a good one;)


  1. I have a contraption at home that makes me sweat and sweat and absolutely miserable ... with less of a calorie burn in an hour than vaccuming the living room and picking up the boy-child's toys. Makes me want to put it on the curb for the first sucker willing to drag it away ... but then I would have to lug it up from the basement to do so! (Hey - I bet THAT would burn calories! LOL!)

    Cracks me up about Dilyn saying she won't go to kindergarten! John's going to be doing full-day preschool in the fall (he goes half days now) and the silly kid can't wait :)

  2. Thanks for the follow! I'm following you back (privately). Have a great day!

  3. The whole calorie burn thing can be so maddening ! I have finally come to the place where I don't care about the calories, but rather care about my enjoyment of the activity. If i love doing it I will do it longer, plain and simple. If I struggle with it and do not think it is paying me back equal for my effort, I abandon it.

    And too cute about kindergarten ! I homeschool my son ( have all the way since preschool and he is entering his last year of high school homeschool this year) and he often says he is not going to do school or do something. I tell him okay- let's be nosy instead. Being nosy means reading about new things, playing with numbers, conducting lab experiments..you know, do school. Sometimes you just have to figure out a way to confuse them into getting with the program :-)

  4. Hey, thanks for the visit. And I think that if you were doing tough exertion (ie, you were huffing and sweating) for 30 mins, then you burned WAY MORE than 86 cals. Did you set it for your weight and height? It makes a difference if you personalize.

    And do try the water thing. I hate drinking water and in the past would go days without even drinking more than half a cup with my meds. With fruit, I really like it. So far, my faves have been watermelon, strawberry, and cantaloupe. The pineapple-raspberry was a bit too tart. I wanna try honeydew and blackberry...gotta buy some of those. :D