Monday, June 21, 2010

Friday's Weigh-In...

I have no idea what happen to my post on just went POOF!!!!

It was short so not much was EXCEPT -2.4 pounds
I was so excited because I stepped on the scale Monday morning and it said 176. OMG!!!

Not good...but turned out so good :)

The weekend was totally crazy...that daughter of mine. She stresses me out so much...I just what to punch her in the nose...Grrrrrr
It's like you try so hard to make her happy that some days that's all it's about...making Darian happy...I think we are all at our wits end. It's not like it's ever good enough anyway. Her room is a whole new story...Grrrrrrrrrrrr

It's sitting at +30 C here today with no wind...dang we had snow 4 wks Albertan weather always a surprise :)

Eating was in control mostly...I had 3 drinks I guess we'll see how this week goes...

Hubby is out of town for 2 days this week so I always eat

Well enough for now...
Make It A Good One :)

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