Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working on the Plan...

So I'm working on the plan and it's still on track...

Step 1: Excellent...have NOT brought one single thing into the house. The kids didn't say a word about anything...good thing they like popcorn because that
 fruit and veggies are the only things for snacks in the house.

Step 2: I have only missed tracking for 1 day...and only off on my macro's 1 day too...wasn't feeling well.

Step 3: Workouts are still the same but I did get in a couple of kettlebell workouts...

So now I still have to get my workouts in order...so really need to work on step 3...

Now onto...

Step 4: I'm going to have to combine this with step 2...I may have did good on the tracking and staying in my macro's...BUT it still wasn't always the right
 food. So I'm going to have to dig deep just to get back on track...stay with in my macro's and stay to food that makes me feel good.

Step 5: Well that's a good question...
So far so good...taking it slowly and not calling myself every name in the book when I fall off plan a little bit...set my mind at the 75% mark and as long as I hit that...no complaints....


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