Thursday, June 7, 2012

June Goals...

June has always been my workout harder and dig deeper month...we camp a lot in July and August. This year I will do more because I CAN!!! Hiking, biking, 2 rock climbs and a sky's going to be a good summer !!!!

1. Workouts - keep to schedule with my pump program(ST)...fell off the program for a bit's time to get back to it...

2. BodyBalance or yoga warrior - 2 or 3X a week...

3. BodyCombat 3X a week - having a tough time getting back to it.

4. Morning Workouts - I really need to get this back on track!!

5. DIET - Really tracking and reviewing my food intake. Haven't been eating enough lately.

6. NO SNACKING - after 8pm...I've been really good for 7 days now. Need to keep it going.

7. Weight - To be down to 140 again!!!

On track and NO EXCUSES!!!

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