Friday, December 2, 2011

November Over?

I must say that I really haven't even had 2 minutes to myself in 16 days now...Literally!!!!


1. FOOD Choices - back to basics on low carb -- This has been hard for me this past month and I have no idea I'm hoping by going back to basics I can figure it all out again
----------- NOT Good AT ALL this month...I had the intention of getting back to it every morning but my good intentions always seem to fall by the wayside...I haven't really gained any weight but I haven't lost any either...

2. INSANITY - Stick to the a bit worried about boredom -- so am thinking I might add in BODYCOMBAT 3 times a week to spice it up.
----------- This is going actually really loving Round 2...maybe because I know what's going on...Round 1 was just plain hard work...this time round, I can put in a lot more effort...

3. BODYPUMP - 3 days a week
-----------Not finding it hard to stick to this one because...I LOVE BODYPUMP!!!

4. BLOG at least 4 times a week -- for the sanity of it all
-----------I always think this will be an easy goal and it always tends to be the hardest one...I was horrible at this again this month...but I will keep trying...

I had Dilyn home for 2 weeks this month...her operation went well but she is still whiny and clingy and just not getting better so I took her to the Doc and found out she has ear all is getting better...her talking is still wonky but it's getting better.I am Physically and mentally tired all the time. This has been such a hard week to even have the energy to complete my workouts...


  1. You ever complete #2??? Just wondering how well it's going, and if you finished it. Definitely NOT easy! Cheers to Insanity!

  2. Great list of goals... Hope you are reaching them!

  3. I did complete round 2...NO NOT