Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year has gone so fast...October ended in a blink...so November it is...I may be crazy but have started ROUND 2 on INSANITY. Have joined in a 60 day challenge with my Beachbody coach and few others on Facebook...should be interesting... emoticon


1. FOOD Choices - back to basics on low carb -- This has been hard for me this past month and I have no idea why...so I'm hoping by going back to basics I can figure it all out again

2. INSANITY - Stick to the program...am a bit worried about boredom -- so am thinking I might add in BODYCOMBAT 3 times a week to spice it up.


3. BODYPUMP - 3 days a week


4. BLOG at least 4 times a week -- for the sanity of it all

That should take me through November with INSANITY up until the new year...I actually did miss my time with Shaun T -- we were just starting the love/hate relationship when it ended without a word...so I guess it's time to see where I stand with him emoticon

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