Friday, October 28, 2011

Hit 40 lbs lost mark...

I'm really bad at keeping my blog up to date....need to work on a little catch up in order...

Hit my 40 lbs lost mark on Sept 30 -- but only .6 since then.
Finished my INSANITY program on Oct 15/11
Weigh in as of Oct 25/11 - 138.2

Another stressful week on the home front. Dilyn's surgery got canceled and threw a bit of loop into things...we had 2 volleyball tournaments - 9 games on Saturday alone...It was CRAZY...Devyn got a silver medal...and we were only running a little late to her soccer game...poor Dilyn though was so stir crazy by the time we got there she wouldn't sit still...up and down the bleachers...up and down the hallways...everyone was just staring...I finally stood up and told everyone that shes been sitting for 4 hours through volleyball games and this is like total freedom to her...everyone just nodded and left her everyone hasn't been there at one time or another... emoticon

We were supposed to go to Donovan's Scout Halloween Party on Wednesday but we never made it...Donovan failed another test...we had already pulled all electronics and TV...their was nothing else to do. Plus I found out today that he has a math test tomorrow...grrrrr

Anyway...the girls and I did facials and played Wipeout 2 on the Kinect for an hour and half and it Wiped Me OUT... emoticon

Today's is Devyn's 11th Birthday...but we celebrated yesterday because she is having a sleepover at her friends house tonight...we had her party 2 weeks ago because our weekends are fully booked until mid November...ACK!!!!

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  1. I've been AFK myself for months ! Great job coming back strong, and keeping off the weight. Your kids sound SO precious ! Keep up the great work !