Monday, March 7, 2011


So I'm having a real tough time sticking to Low Carb...

I've decided that watching everything and being able to have a little more carbs will make all of this easier...I hope.

So I started TurboFire from Beachbody today. Today was day 1. Burned 515 calories alone. Sweated up a

Also went back to my Basic Yoga it:)

My knees are quite sore but I really enjoyed it. Always do enjoy Chalene. She makes you feel good and wants you to push yourself. So much energy.

I ate no where near what I should have. It's like your trying to to eat healthy and cut back a little. Which ends up being that I cut back a lot and working out always tends to supress my appetite. I thought I had ate so much more then I actually did.

Well tomorrow's another day to do better...

Make it a good one:)


  1. good luck on your diet Janice! You seem to me to be a healthy weight, don't torture yourself too much!!

  2. LOL...torture is this workout...WOW!!!