Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 4...

So day 3 was a rest day...which I didn't like having 3 days into a new program but I much as I could with 4 kids, 2 activities to get them too and then grocery shopping in

Day 4...Tone 30

I have to say it kicked my ass a bit. My arms are killing me. Should make for an interesting day. I might through in my yoga with the kids later, but that's my day.

Supper tonight is Chunky chicken and rice soup and a salad...I think. Still debating on maybe having Mexican Black bean and rice tortilla's which I've been craving...hmmmmm

Will have to stew on that. I sure wish there was more time in day. I seem to get caught up on everything and I wake up and start 10 steps back again...why is that?

That's today...I'll see you tomorrow...I normally do my weigh-ins on Friday mornings but I don't know. Every time I do I seem to have a crappy eating weekend because I know I have 5 days to work it off, but then it's a yo yo thing. Spending the week working off my weekend. Was thinking of pushing it to Monday morning.

Will stew on that too unless anyone has any ideas that might help:) Always appreciated!!!

Make it a good one:)

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