Monday, April 6, 2009

Great weekend...

Well it was Wrestlemania 25 this weekend. That says it diet went out the window. Chicken good, one bad, dried ribs, veggies...not bad so far, shrimp with a little cocktail sauce...still doing good. Had some garlic sausage and cheese and a few tortilla chips. The bad part was the booze. Tried to stick to a few vodka's and diet Pepsi but there was some new VEX Bananatini's ...had to try it. Well 1 turned into 4...definitely MY BAD...

All else is good. About as packed as were going to get for's nice to see such an empty basement. Can't wait...

Make it a good one...


  1. Hahahaha and how was Wrestlemania? I heard the only good match was The Undertakers ;)

  2. i used to love Big Show. :)

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