Thursday, March 18, 2010

Told you...

I really am horrible at keeping up with everything and this always falls to the wayside. Not a top priority...have tried to be good and watch what I'm eating but that has fallin' to the wayside a couple times in the past two weeks as well. I am not even going to step on that scale until the end of the less thing to stress out over.

My 12 year old daughter is driving me crazy. The disrespect that comes from her sometimes is unbelievable. If I would have talked to my mom the way she talks to us, I would not have been sitting for a week. I have tried so much with her but nothing works so we resorted back to me talking and her ignoring again this morning...we sent her to an all girls school this year because it has a leadership program that was supposed to be terrific for helping with self esteem and independence. I haven't seen a change in her at all. She still won't do anything by herself. It drives me crazy...She also got her cell phone stolen from her locker at school. Which she knew that someone had the combination but didn't say anything...and still left her phone in there. Then to top it all off she didn't apologize at all just looks at her father and asks when she can have a new one....the nerve!!!!

Anyway...a new day...make it a good one:)

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  1. I feel for you Janice! Did the phone ever get found? ii dont think i'd buy a new one. My youngest daughter recently blamed me for her bathing suit not fitting and threw a fit, all she had to do was say calmly, my suit does not fit!! i took her to purchase a new suit with her own money. I wonder if that will help, that she paid for it? i dont know, but i keep trying different things