Friday, December 4, 2009

A horrible week...

I have always had problems with my knees, since a skiing accident at 14. A couple bike accidents at 15 didn't help either. The pain and swelling have never really lasted more then a few days but this time it has lasted 2 weeks. The swelling is finally down but the pain is more then I can live with. I've been to the doctor over and over. Have been putting off the inevitable MRI and probably knee surgurey.
On top of it all Devyn, my 9 yr old, has been home sick all week. Which throws everything off, including my eating habits. Not out of control or totally horrible but not my usual eating every few hours. So tired by the end of the night that I don't hear anything and that's not like me at all. I have always heard the kids. Even when they just go to the washroom, I hear it. Last night my daughter was sick and crying and I didn't hear a thing. Then to top it all off I wake up totally exhausted.
So I haven't worked out at all in 10 days. Which will explain way I gained 1.2 pnds...Grrrrrrrr.
I have a doctors appt. on Tuesday, so I guess we'll go from there.

Week 3 weight - 161.2 pnds

Will have to work harder next week. Eat more, get in a workout or two, if I can manage the pain.